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StarPerformer tyres

StarPerformer tyres are high performance tyres from Asia with an excellent price-performance ratio.
At the same time, drivers don’t have to miss out on quality and comfort.
StarPerformer tyres show a very good combination of outstanding grip properties
and great stability while driving.
Irrespective of weather and road surfaces, these tyres offer maximum vehicle control.

Low fuel consumption with StarPerformer tyres

StarPerformer tyres’ economic properties are also to be assessed positively.
Besides their low rolling noise, these tyres show even wear resulting in high mileage.
In addition, the special rubber compound enables the tyres to consistently provide good quality –
and the decreased rolling resistance leads to reduced fuel consumption.

Pattern of StarPerformer tyres

StarPerformer tyres’ dynamic pattern is also worth mentioning.
The special Silica tread compound enables outstanding wet grip especially when aquaplaning is a risk.
For the price-conscious driver, StarPerformer tyres are a good compromise between an affordable and very good quality tyre.


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